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Every year, global agrochemical importers evaluate their old and new cooperators with which they could do business. We are honored hundreds of them decide to put their trust in us and purchase our products. At Essence, we concentrate on providing customers the specialist and broadest choice of pesticide products and services that will help them produce more, improve more and lead better businesses. We offer:


● powerful but safe, and widely used insecticides, including acaricide and molluscicide


● protective and curative fungicides to keep crops healthy, even increase the outputs


● selective herbicides helping clean up kinds of weeds effectively in different fields


● special chemicals called herbicide safeners making herbicides more safer to crops


plant growth regulators to enhance stems or fructification.


● various kinds & formulation types of pesticide mixtureswhich are customized as you wish


If you can not find a product name you wanted, please also leave a message to us, maybe it hasn't been uploaded yet.
More information about Packagings and Samples, kindly see our services or contact us.


To learn more about pesticide, please see the FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides. (PDF 4.14MB)
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