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Multifunction Pesticide Mixture Products

Nothing is better than these mixtures to control pests and diseases at the same time.
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  Product Information Model Description  
Imidacloprid + Thiram 17.5%+10%FS, 25%+10%FS, 35%+10%FS, 25%+20%WS Multifunction pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Mancozeb 20%+30%WS Multifunction pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Metalaxyl + Carbendazim 10%+10%+10%WS Multifunction ternary pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Metalaxyl + Thiram 10%+10%+10%DS Multifunction ternary pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Pencycuron 14%+15%FS, 14%+15%SC Multifunction pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Tebuconazole + Metalaxyl-M 20%+2%+20%WS Multifunction pesticide mixture
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