Essence Core Value


To Create, To Share, To Found, To Enjoy.
To ensure the prosperity and well being of Nanjing Essence Fine-Chemical Co.,Ltd.employee, customers, growth is essential. How we achieve this objective is as important as the objective itself. Fundamental to our success are the core values we believe in and practice.


     ●  To Create:
        More fortune for the company
        More business opportunities for our customers
        More employment opportunities and tax for the society
    ●  To Share:
        The well working environment and the opportunity for individual improvement
        The opportunity for business development with our customers
    ● To Found:
        A harmonious and high efficient team
    ● To Enjoy:
         Happy life and happy work

Essence Vision


Our vision is to be China’s First Pesticide Formulatorby supplying innovative pesticide formulationsand complete solutions for crop protectionto worldwide customers.
    ●  Original pesticide recipes
    ●  Best quality raw materials
    ●  First-class manufacturing
    ●  Most advanced technologies
    ●  Well-designed packaging
    ●  Most professional registration support
    ●  Complete crop protection solution
    ●  Excellent sales and after-sales service

Essence Mission


Upgrading global crop yield, renovating human being's life.
The decrease of arable land and growth of world population has endangered quality and sustainable food supply all over the world. Pesticides are vital to increase crop yield and satisfy the increasing demand of food.
    Essence's mission is to develop safe and effective pesticide formulations and supply complete crop protection solutions to help farmers grow healthy and profitable crops so as to safeguard sustainable food supply and improve people's lives all over the world.
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