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Apply fungicides scientifically will not only protect plants, but also increase crop production.
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  Product Information Model Description  
Streptomycin Sulfate 10%WP, 20%WP Antibiotic bactericide
Ziram 27%SC, 80%WP, 90%WP, 76%WG(WDG) Useful protective fungicide
Imazalil 50%EC Broad-Spectrum fungicide
Difenoconazole 25%EC, 25%SC, 10%WG(WDG) Widely-used fungicide
Triadimenol 20%EC, 25%EC, 25%WP, 50%WP, 15%FS Triazole fungicide
Triadimefon 12.5%EC, 20%EC, 25%EC, 20%EW, 25%WP, 50%WG(WDG) Triazole fungicide
Thiophanate-methyl 50%SC, 70%WG(WDG), 80%WG(WDG), 70%WP, 80%WP Fungicide of Benzimidazole
Propiconazole 5%WG(WDG), 50%WG(WDG), 10%EC, 25%EC, 41.8%EC, 25%EW, 25%ME, widely-uesd fungicide
Procymidone 50%SC, 80%SC, 50%WP, 80%WP Selective systemic fungicide
Pencycuron 12.5%DS, 25%FS, 25%SC, 12.5%WP, 25%WP Protective fungicide
Myclobutanil 12.5%EC, 25%EC, 20%EW, 25%WP, 40%WP Ergosterol-inhibited Fungicide
Kresoxim-methyl 50%WG(WDG), 50%WP, 50%SC broad-spectrum & powerful fungicide
Flusilazole 7.5%EC, 40%EC, 25%WG(WDG), 25%EW, 25%ME Ergosterol-inhibited Fungicide
Diniconazole 12.5%WP, 25%WP Triazole Fungicide
Dimethomorph 50%WG(WDG), 80%WG(WDG), 50%WP Fungicide against Oomycetes
Copper oxychloride 35%WP, 50%WP, 75%WP, 85%WP Inorganic fungicide
Carbendazim 25%SC, 50%SC, 50%WP, 60%WP, 80%WP, 80%WG(WDG) Fungicide of Benzimidazole
Azoxystrobin 23%SC, 25%SC, 50%WG(WDG) Broad-spectrum & powerful fungicide
Benomyl 50%WG(WDG), 50%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide
Captan 80%WG(WDG), 50%WP, 80%WP Protective and curative fungicide
Chlorothalonil 50%SC, 72%SC, 75%WG(WDG), 75%WP Broad-spectrum Fungicide
Copper hydroxide 50%WP, 77%WP Inorganic fungicide
Cymoxanil 45%WG(WDG), 50%WG(WDG), 60%WG(WDG), 10%WP, 30%WP Fungicide against Peronosporales
Cyproconazole 10%WG(WDG), 10%SL Triazole Fungicide
Epoxiconazole 7.5%EC, 12.5%SC Broad-spectrum fungicide
Flutriafol 12.5%SC, 25%SC, 50%SC fungicide inhibit ergosterol biosynthesis
Folpet 50%WP, 80%WP, 50%SC Protective fungicide
Fosetyl-aluminium 80%WG(WDG), 80%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide
Hexaconazole 5%EC, 5%SC, 10%SC Triazole Fungicide
Hymexazol 30%SL, 36%SL Soil and seed fungicide
Iprodione 25.5%SC, 50%SC, 50%WP Protective and curative fungicide
Metalaxyl 25%EC, 25%WP, 35%WP, 35%WS Fungicide against Peronosporales etc.
Penconazole 10%EC, 50%EC, 20%EW Triazole fungicide
Prochloraz 25%EC, 45%EC, 50%WP protective and eradicant fungicide
Pyrimethanil 25%WP, 30%SC, 40%SC, 60%SC Fungicide against Botrytis & Venturia
Tebuconazole 25%EC, 25%EW, 6%FS, 25%FS, 6%SC, 25%SC, 43%SC, 25%WG(WDG), 45%WG(WDG), 75%WG(WDG), 80%WP Triazole Fungicide
Tricyclazole 75%WP,40%SC Fungicide against rice blast
Trifloxystrobin 50%WG(WDG), 50%SC Broad-spectrum & powerful fungicide
Triflumizole 30%WP Ergosterol-inhibited Fungicide
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